How do we contact YEGIX?

Send email to for non-urgent issues, or for peering requests (or future intent to peer). All inquiries will be held confidential.

What speeds are supported?

Supported connections are 10/100Mbit, 1Gbit copper (for use inside Wolfpaw), and 1Gbit/10G on Cisco SFP.

What are the connection options on-site?

Every peer with a business relationship to Wolfpaw can get a cross connect to the IX switch for free. Those with no business relationship would pay Wolfpaw's List Price for a cross connect to reach the exchange once their network is extended into the premises.

For any additional cables, equipment colocation (ie. a router), or services (ie. vlan mappings) contact the facility owner/operator Wolfpaw.

How much do ports cost?

The first port for each peer is free. Switch management will be a volunteer effort much like at YYCIX, SIX, or as TORIX was in the early days.

YEGIX may eventually start charging port fees to cover equipment upgrade/servicing costs. It is difficult to estimate how much the IX would charge, however it will be in line with what other non-profit IX charge. YEGIX is a not-for-profit organization.

What limitations are there on traffic?

Similar to AMS-IX and TORIX, the switch ports are configured with a variety of port-security features so that one peer cannot damage another's experience. If port-security is triggered, the port will appear "dead" for a little while.

For new peers, there is a thorough introduction at the AMS-IX site. Our operators will try to help as well.

Are there any rules?

The internet exchange switch is a fabric shared by all peers. Peers must avoid doing anything which might overload the fabric, mis-direct traffic, or otherwise cause harm to any other peers. If a peer shows a willfull disregard for others, they will be disconnected by the operators. The full set of Exchange Participation Rules are published.

What is the process for getting connected?

Send us an email telling us about your network and requesting a port. All inquiries will be held confidential.

How do we donate to YEGIX?

Donations would help to offset expenses YEGIX encounters. Contact the board of directors at